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11/8/21eminetraRetailers welcome foreign tourists to return 首页 in hopes of lifting travel bans and recovering sales
8/9/21商业内幕Experts reveal the 5 trends in e-commerce anyone trying to get ahead in the industry has to know right now
7/16/21商业内幕Why this VC and former Bonobos employee says the best DTC brands of the next decade will prioritize retaining shoppers over acquiring new ones 
6/15/21罗宾的报告The Direct-to-Consumer Model Is no Retail Panacea
5/27/21美国商会Move Over, DTC: Direct-to-Marketplace 策略 Are the Next Big Opportunity for Small Businesses
5/18/21入站物流Fulfillment and Logistics Drive Retail Customer Loyalty
4/14/21多通道的商人 Retailers Viewing Returns Through the Lens of Strategy
4/12/21零售客户体验Climbing out from COVID-19: What retailers need to do moving forward
4/5/21电子商务360Merchants use stores to tap into same-day delivery 
03/23/21女装日报One Year in Lockdown: Experts Offer Updated Advice for Navigating Pandemic
03/22/21供应 & 需求链管理Best Practices for Disruption-Prepared Procurement
10/23/20美国全国广播公司The pandemic shopping list: Dolls, detergent and campers
10/13/20转炉大流行期间建立实体建筑的关键? 社区零售
9/24/20《bbin游戏官网》Amazon opened a luxury store in the middle of a pandemic. 以下是专家认为这是明智之举的原因
9/3/20女装日报What to Watch: Independent Retailers May Benefit From Big Store Bankruptcies
8/17/20入站物流What’s the most significant way COVID-19 has changed the supply chain?
8/11/20零售接触点服装 Retailers: Balancing Online And Store Inventories Will Be Your Biggest Holiday Challenge
7/23/20纽约时报Roombas and jam: couch potatoes snap up robot vacuums, PB&J在大流行
6/8/20科技总部Entering a new era of retail – the touchless shopping experience
5/20/20采购杂志Why Fashion Needs A Three-Pronged Merchandising Plan of Attack Through COVID-19
5/12/20供应链潜水COVID-19改变了电子商务的风险. 履行网络也需要改变吗?
5/12/20采购杂志UK Shoppers Itching to Freshen Post-Pandemic Wardrobes, Survey Says
5/6/20行动新闻频道6Coronavirus pandemic continues reshaping the world of retail
4/20/20入站物流COVID-19供应链资源 & 策略
3/27/20女装日报Service Providers: How Consultants Can Help Retailers Navigate the Coronavirus Pandemic
2/27/20C美国全国广播公司This week’s stock shock is just the start of the economic pain if coronavirus hits American wallets
1/19/20《bbin游戏官网》What Gap Needs To Do Next After Canceling Old Navy Spin-Off
1/15/20光滑的What Chinese brands dominating apparel sales on Amazon means for the US market
11/26/19零售接触点Crafting Store Experience Success In 2020: Mobile-Friendly Kiosks, Test Labs And Community Win Out
9/20/19零售总额Developing Retail IT Road Maps With Customers as the Cartographer
9/19/19just-styleHunkemöller eyes growth with better inventory positioning
9/18/19零售科技创新中心Hunkemöller enlists Columbus Consulting for omnichannel tech project
9/18/19网络零售Lingerie giant Hunkemöller hopes to double sales through inventory allocation tool
9/17/19美国时尚Hunkemöller wants to double its turnover in the next five years
6/12/19现代零售As CBD products hit mass retailers, DTC brands plot competitive strategies
4/17/19商店的杂志Making the Dream Work Talbots modernizes planning processes
1/31/19零售接触点2019 Outlook Guide: Insights And Predictions From 13 Industry Experts
1/7/19移动营销6 trends that will shape mobile marketing in 2019
1/4/19RIS的新闻Why Being Customer Centric Requires a Culture of Change
12/24/18路透Focus: Online clothing retailers hunt for better fit to cut costly returns
9/11/18服装考虑网络营销峰会? 从尽职调查开始
7/11/18零售接触点Right Product, Right Place: Positioning Inventory for Omnichannel Success
6/19/18多通道的商人EILEEN FISHER Creates Sustainable Merchandising Processes with Columbus Consulting International
6/19/18just-styleEileen Fisher列出了可持续发展的路线图
6/19/18just-styleRue21 to build commerce and analytics capabilities
6/18/18女装日报Rue 21 Concentrates on Consumer-centricity With New Tech
6/14/18多通道的商人rue21建立统一商业, Analytics Capabilities as the Result of Recent IT Assessment and Roadmap with Columbus Consulting
6/14/18连锁商店时代Rue21 creates new tech roadmap to pursue consumer-centricity
6/14/18RIS的新闻rue21 to Build Out Unified Commerce and Analytics Capabilities
6/5/18零售接触点Finish Line Centralizes And Streamlines Merchandise Planning
3/15/18多通道的商人Re-Establishing IT Principles in a Unified Commerce World
2/6/18零售接触点PacSun Road to Unified Commerce从OMS开始
2/6/18华尔街日报Victoria’s Secret Boss Bets on a Radical Idea: Smartphones Will Fade
1/25/18女装日报Eileen Fisher, Columbus Consulting Reveal Details for Sustainable Design Plan
11/14/17零售总额Retail Metamorphosis: 3 Trends That Will Impact Retail in 2018
9/25/17服装Columbus Consulting Continues Supporting FIT Seminar Series
7/6/17零售接触点Three Ways Retailers Can Compete Against The Amazon Effect
6/7/17服装Mastering Localized Assortment and 所有ocation Planning
4/18/17零售接触点Context, Education And Entertainment Drive Experiential Retail Success
3/8/17服装Soft Surroundings Updating Merch, 所有ocation Planning With This Partner
3/8/17连锁商店时代Women’s apparel brand improves merchandise planning
2/17/17女装日报Berkshire Sells Shares, Market Ponders Wal-Mart’s Future
2/16/17RIS的新闻专家称 On Walmart’s Purchase of E-Commerce Retailer Moosejaw
2/14/17蒂姆·帕里为您播报砖块与点击播客杰夫·巴内特 & 斯图尔特·奥尔德里奇访谈-音频
2/14/17蒂姆·帕里为您播报砖块与点击播客3 Big Ideas from the NRF Big Show for Small Retail Success
2/8/17配件杂志可能接管哈德逊湾/梅西百货? 行业思想领袖参与进来
2/8/17女装日报B2B供应商推测哈德逊湾公司. 对梅西百货
2/7/17RIS的新闻哈德逊湾想收购梅西百货吗? 专家称


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